Tuesday, March 17, 2009


March: teaching and more teaching in a gorgeous Englishesque environment with terrific, welcoming staff... limited creative time... the odd big and small idea emerging then blurring... hoping Cordite will take three poems I sent them... waiting with baited breath on results of Wildcare Tasmania Nature Writing Prize for 2009;I entered a piece on my trip to North Queensland last year... hoping to see my first olive whistler in the vicinity of Fitzroy Falls this weekend... basking in splendid autumnal sunshine every afternoon... enjoying Nicolas Rothwell's Another Country... impressed by The Wrestler; Mickey Rourke one of the coolest dudes on Earth; I've seen nearly all his films; I love his duality (he's a boxer and tough guy, but lover of chihuahuas!)... into the new Prodigy album more than I thought I'd be... digging tours of local wineries... not missing Sydney one scrap!

LJ, March 17 2008