Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A brief poem (of the times)...

Shooting, burning,
looting, churning;
hooting, yearning:
rebooting, turning?

LJ, August 25 2011.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was spellbound by Jesus Jones and The Wonder Stuff at The Enmore last night. The gig was fantastic.

I've been a Jesus Jones fan ever since the early 90s. Their performance was gutsy, tight, polished, with tremendous physicality and presence; Get a Good Thing, Zeroes and Ones, Right Here Right Now and Info Freako were the essentials on the playlist. My mate Andre (Gallery Ecosse's captain) and I met JJ's vocalist Mike Edwards, at the back of The Enmore, post the gig. He was an amicable, humorous and modest chap, unexpectedly dapper in a purple shirt. We got the band's bass player, who was having a smoke in the back alley, to fetch Mike especially for us (you gotta love a frontman who doesn't mind meeting a couple of fans and appears to have zero ego). The band's off to Tokyo tomorrow - they've always been a big deal in Japan.

It was surreal to see the red skivvy clad member of The Wiggles queueing for an expensive beer ($7.50 for a Coopers Lager can - give me a break!) at The Enmore's bar. He's a massive bugger. I was almost scared.

LJ, August 21 2011.