Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My sincere thanks to Judy Beveridge for accepting my aphoristic poem Equidae for the latest edition of Meanjin, now in really, really good bookstores (eg Gleebooks, where there are about twenty copies). It is a joy to be in the journal, surely one of Australia's most essential and respected publications (still going strong since 1940!). My thanks also goes to Deputy Editor of Meanjin, Zora Sanders, for her attention to detail and professionalism.

Equidae was awarded second place in 2008's Shoalhaven Literary Award, judged by Jennifer Compton. I have dedicated the poem to her. I was fortunate to have Jen as a mentor of sorts several years ago - she generously read my poems late at night and offered up insights, criticisms and wisdom. She is also a horse lover.

The poem looks figuratively at the horses that have accompanied us throughout time. It's not a country-girl-feeding-apples-to-a-beautiful-horse-called-Bobo piece. Unlike my father-in-law, who fills his life with all things equine, I have no great connection to horses. They are venerable and awesome, but not creatures that attract me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps their flighty, nervy nature unnerves me.

Anyhow, I hope you gallop for a while post reading my poem. Look out for a slightly different version of it on Meanjin's blog very soon.

LJ, 15 June 2011.