Monday, August 30, 2010


I fell asleep through Christopher Nolan's Inception. Consequently, I understood everything in it.

LJ, on the last day of Winter, 2010.

Monday, August 23, 2010


High on poetry, I read a poem at the Brett Whiteley Studio on Sunday afternoon during the open mic section. The poem, 'Paternal Song', a flowing pastoral thing springing from my son and I walking through the fecund stretches of Seymour Park in Moss Vale, and opening up the world as a result, went nowhere in this year's Blake Prize (I was dejected for a few hours the day I found I hadn't made the shortlist - still, life's in the bouncing back). It was great to broadcast the piece at the Studio and have it received well - one lady in the audience, bless her, likened the work to Gerard Manley Hopkins. I wish.

Hats off to Angela Stretch, Brooke Emery and co. for hosting the readings at Whiteley's Studio. The gorgeous space, with its more-than-a-moa-sized bird eggs on nests almost as expansive as Brett's hair, dead birds (I think I saw either a rock or elegant parrot in a box - cue a Monty Python reference!), range of interesting photos (inc. one of Brett and Malcolm McLaren - spot the difference!), vinyl collection, old stereo, multiplicity of magic art tools and magnificent 'The balcony 2' from 1975 (surely Brett's greatest work) is a beacon in inner-Sydney.

LJ, August 24 2010.


What an honour it was to hear the luminous lyricism of Peter Boyle, Michelle Cahill and Peter Lach-Newinsky at Sturt Gallery last Saturday. The scope and power of their work was deeply affecting. It was a pleasure to read with the three of them and act as MC for the afternoon. Thanks also to Head of Sturt, Mark Viner, for being so interested in readings at the Gallery, and all who came and listened before the fire. Stay tuned for another poetry event at Sturt in the height of summer.

LJ, August 24 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've put together a poetry bash at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong for August 21. I will be reading my work with luminaries Peter Boyle and Michelle Cahill, and celebrated local, Peter Lach-Newinsky. Starting time - 4pm. Entry fee - $10.

Come along and tune out of the Julia and Tony Show for a while.

LJ, August 10 2010.