Monday, September 30, 2013


Why have I been sent a text from the Enmore Theatre notifying me of Bjorn Again's upcoming ultimate ABBA revival gig? I hate ABBA with a passion. At least the text has reminded me to finally put up my post on my Sweden/Denmark trip last April. Watch this space...

LJ, October 1 2013.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


It was cool to spot an individual about my age with a mohawk, leg tattoos, shiny boots and a KMFDM (geez I loved Godlike) t-shirt the other day at World Square. You don't see many industrial-strength goth-punk dudes in Sydney these days. I haven't seen one since the mid-90s I reckon. Takes me back to my goth club days! LJ, 26 September 2013.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Headlong into penning a suite of nature poems for a particular reason... loving every minute of it... in the mix are termite mounds, mountains, grass trees, rockwarblers and... Hamlet... all will be revealed down the (swamp wallaby) track...

LJ, September 13 2013.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Right. There needs to be a counterpoint to Abbott. Something poetic. So, here are a handful of golden Australian things just for the hell of it: Adam Bandt, Bob Brown, Mike Carlton, Old Holdens, a Melbourne-bound Qantas jet passing over home, Atomic Pale Ale, coffee from Coffee Culture in Bundanoon, vanilla slices, Top Deck chocolate, The Presets, Empire of the Sun, John Olsen's King Sun mural, Gallery Ecosse, Red Eye Records, greater gliders, hooded parrots, The Valley of the Winds, Border Ranges National Park, Cathedral Fig Tree, Newtown, Glebe, Fitzroy, Carlton, Sydney Opera House at night, mountain devils, pale pink boronia, native iris, Peter Weir, Claudia Carvan, Tim Minchin, Shane Jacobson, Shaun Tan.

LJ, September 9 2013.


Well, Tony's home. No surprise there. But man, what a right wing result nationwide. A spoilt, conservative, selfish people have decided.

I'm disappointed for The Greens. What's with the Senate being dominated by small right wing or unfocused parties next year? I can't believe people voted for a sport party concerned with making sport more 'accessible' (the party's word) to all Australians? Has sport ever been inaccessible to Australians? Has there been anyone, anywhere, who hasn't had access to a football or a football field in their little town or city suburb? Tennis courts and swimming pools would've been close by too. Sport has dominated the minds of Australians since the dawn of time. What a joke.

Hopefully, in a few years time, the tide will turn again and a more compassionate voice will be heard. Over the years, we've seen the people back Liberal, then Labour and back again. I'm not holding my breath. It'll be many years of frustration.

LJ, September 9 2013.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


What Kevin Rudd said the other night on Q&A about gay marriage was superb. Nice to see him using eloquence, biblical knowledge and common sense to put a religious conservative bloke back in his little box. If only Kevin could win the upcoming election.  LJ, August 4 2013.

Monday, September 2, 2013


David Lynch has always fascinated me with his rusty gate drawl, Terence Stamp-on-a-bad-day hair, permanently buttoned collar, bizarre art tendencies, transcendental meditation interests, ambiguous, unnerving films and now his music. I'm loving his new album The Big Dream (Tricky meets Tom Waits and Brian Eno in a middle-American industrial town gone to waste). LJ, 3 September 2013.