Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It frustrates me that whenever I turn on the box, all I see are Anglo-Saxons in advertisements.

Australia is a vibrant, exciting melting pot of cultures various, yet we don't get that from our advertising companies. If an alien from Deep Field Six, or thereabouts, was to land in a middle Australian backyard, open a middle Australian back door and wander into a middle Australian lounge room to flick on a middle Australian TV (with more plasma than us), they'd swear Australia was comprised entirely by healthy and happy Anglos.

Whenever you do see those from other cultural backgrounds in advertisements they are usually caricatures jumping about due to culinary joy. I dare say that Chinese folks are more than the sum of their dim-sims.

It's no longer 1899. We aren't Brits or Irish who have been relocated. Let's move on and truly see Aussies the way they are: exquisitely diverse, integral to the way this land moves and valuable for our future.

I doubt the wholesome Anglo mums of Australia's sparkling kitchens (who do ALL the shopping and care-giving for their families' welfare so ad's show us) are going to suddenly cease buying wholemeal bread because a Lebanese family are advertising its appeal.

Yours truly, Insulted, NSW.

LJ, October 1 2009


And as for Rove... He's probably the greatest Australian who ever lived.

LJ, October 1 2009.


How desperately sad it is that Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O's popularity appears to be waning. Over so many years, they've offered this great continent of ours immeasurable wisdom, insight, wit and moral integrity... In fact, they delivered a great cultural renaissance when it was most needed.

Lest we forget.

LJ, October 1 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009