Sunday, September 8, 2013


Right. There needs to be a counterpoint to Abbott. Something poetic. So, here are a handful of golden Australian things just for the hell of it: Adam Bandt, Bob Brown, Mike Carlton, Old Holdens, a Melbourne-bound Qantas jet passing over home, Atomic Pale Ale, coffee from Coffee Culture in Bundanoon, vanilla slices, Top Deck chocolate, The Presets, Empire of the Sun, John Olsen's King Sun mural, Gallery Ecosse, Red Eye Records, greater gliders, hooded parrots, The Valley of the Winds, Border Ranges National Park, Cathedral Fig Tree, Newtown, Glebe, Fitzroy, Carlton, Sydney Opera House at night, mountain devils, pale pink boronia, native iris, Peter Weir, Claudia Carvan, Tim Minchin, Shane Jacobson, Shaun Tan.

LJ, September 9 2013.

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