Friday, September 19, 2008


The husband of a work colleague invited me to come on his two hour radio show 'Rock Revival', on Triple H (100.1 FM), last night. It was a blast. I spoke about Joe Strummer and played three songs that illustrated the breadth of the man's talent: the visceral pieces Safe European Home and White Riot from his Clash days and slow-burning, wrenching, posthumous track Ramshackle Day Parade, which was put together by his band The Mescaleros in 2003.

Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, Angel, Neill Young and Crazy Horse, The Telltales (lads from Beecroft, where I spent my formative years) and Jimi Hendrix were amongst the many other musicians beamed across the airwaves of northern Sydney over the show's duration. As I don't listen to a lot of these composers, much of the show was an education for me.

Tune in to Rock Revival if you get the chance. Here's the blogspot - If I had another job it would be DJing full-time and I'd call myself Obese Man Thin. Imagine the power, glory, idiocy and insomnia! But hey, I'm not deserting my day job; unless you're Tiesto or Paul van Dyk, there's two pence in it!

LJ, September 19 2008.

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