Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Those who inspired me during 2008: My family and friends, the Normo students and staff (big shout out to the English crew), Doug and Syb on the Atherton Tablelands, Robbie from Kuku Yalanji Dreamtime, the Normanby Island guides, Ian and Roger from Down Under Tours, Jennifer Compton, Michelle Cahill, Mark Tredinnick, Les Murray, Anthony Lawrence, Robert Gray, Nerida Newton, Matthew Condon, Watkin Tench, Shakespeare, Brendan Cowell, Chris Lilley, Bill Oddie & Tim Brooke-Taylor & Graeme Garden, Michael Palin & Terry Jones, Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer, Ben Stiller, Mickey Rourke, Paul Thomas Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott, Greg Roberts, Tim Bran, The Orb, Santogold, Trent Reznor, Oasis, Moby, The Presets, James Lavelle, Coldplay, Jamie Catto & Duncan Bridgeman, Bob Brown, Kevin Rudd, Michael Moore, Barack Obama.

LJ, January 1 2009.

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