Friday, May 15, 2009


A poem of mine entitled Valley Pieces is being published in the next edition of Wet Ink magazine. I am chuffed.

That poem was drawn from a sacred time in Kangaroo Valley, on NSW's south coast, back in 2006; a time of Asian tourists running with wombats, ancient gum gloom, failed python and platyypus searches, much laughing over a mythical quest for a Were Wombat with complete stangers, toadlet operettas, green-grey rain, poems scratched in windscreen ice and many types of family nurturing...

Much respect to Dominique Wilson and her Wet Ink team for saluting my work. Apparently, I was ahead of seven hundred other entries! This is a great boost - I recently went nowhere in three significant literary prizes.

LJ, May 16 2009.

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