Tuesday, February 23, 2010


John Pilger - activist, thinker, historian and champion of the left - has always been inspiring. His is an essential voice. I've used his books, such as A Secret Country in the classroom - his pithy writings help unmask our history's awkward, and at times horrid, buried truths.

In last weekend's Sydney Morning Herald, there was a piece by Pilger entitled 'When education favours division over diversity' (an excerpt from a speech he delivered at a recent Sydney Boys High School gathering) where he addressed life's successes and how we should assess ourselves as moral people. I love the manifesto/credo with which he concluded this piece - 'Go into the world and relinquish the safety of silence and make trouble - remembering the most important trouble is calling to account those who assume power over our lives.'

LJ, February 24 2010.

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