Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last Friday, I drove into the heart of Wollongong to attend an inservice at the Catholic Education Office. Before the inservice, my Hyundai's battery decided to whimper, splutter, moan and have a heart attack outside a major shopping centre. Immediately, a worker nearby downs his tools and comes over to check under the car's bonnet. He then drives his ute up to mine, connects his jumper leads to my battery and brings the Hyundai's guts back to life. When packing his leads away, he said, "People don't do this in big cities anymore." I was thoroughly impressed and offered to buy him a beer, which he waved off. This vignette, though not major, shows there is still a soul in busy commercial areas. I feel obliged now to help out someone who needs it.

LJ, April 21 2010.

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