Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm disgusted that Barry O'Farrell (let's now call him Backwoods Barry) has decided to open up the national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas of New South Wales to hunters. What a joke. What a crime. Who can guarantee the safety of picnickers, families, hikers, birders etc? When will Josephine Average know when it is safe to visit particular national parks? Who's going to be monitoring what various goons with guns various are executing? Are the rare, vulnerable and endangered species of New South Wales going to be safe? I do not trust hunters to shoot only ferals - I'd love to think they'll do everything by the books, but I doubt they will. Take the case of some of our mallee reserves, now open to shooters. These reserves have small populations of endangered malleefowl. Who's going to be looking out for them? I know I sound alarmist/over-the-top, but really, Backwoods Barry has thrown us into the Dark Ages. I talk a little more about this over at my other blogsite -

LJ, June 12 2012

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