Sunday, October 7, 2012

POEM #20


Bradman. Tulips. Lavender. Cappuccinos. Indian cricket addicts in droves. Bryce Courtney. Seven red-vested Golliwogs in a Bong Bong window. Pastel blouses. Pearls. Boat shoes. Polo tops. Cane baskets. Lovers from Sydney. Big cows in big squares on big walls. The poet writing the Wingecarribee's song. Judy Davis in shades in the hardware store. Nicole and Keith gossip. Pines. Windbreaks. Autumn's pantomime. Gargantuan estates. Highlife. A beaming teenage lad in a musk stick-pink singlet and spearmint leaf shorts asking a girl to add him on Facebook. Rugby at The Grand. Bradman. Tulips. Lavender. Cappuccinos. Smiling Hitler postcards and a Hitler Youth knife in Dirty Janes Emporium. The buyer of these.  

LJ, October 8 2012.

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