Tuesday, January 8, 2013


2 international studies from 2012 showed Australian kids' reading levels are lagging behind many other countries. In fact, Australia was ranked 27 out of 45 countries when it came to reading. Year 4 kids were studied. This is disturbing. Maybe, a disgrace.

In all the talk that came out of this, a lot was said about teachers and how proficient their teaching is. Teachers were expected to lift standards, indeed, save the day. Sigh. I'm sure teachers are doing a hell of a lot.

I'd like to ask if parents are really doing all they can to help, support and challenge their kids when it comes to reading. Are parents readers themselves? Are they just reading the latest Bryce Courtenay, 50 Shades of Grey, cooking books and tabloids? Are parents demonstrating to their kids that reading is crucial? Where are the role models for Year 4 kids who need assistance with reading?

Lastly, is Australia really a nation of readers or are we kidding ourselves?

LJ, January 9 2013.

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