Saturday, August 10, 2013


Vote Compass stats are telling us that the economy is the most important issue in voters' minds. No surprise there. Still, I'm a little concerned, there are many big issues voters should be looking at on polling day. Are most Australians great at thinking beyond their lot and seeing the big picture? Are we a self-involved mob by and large?

I reckon it'll be Tony Abbott by the length of his pastel blue tie. People don't want GST changes, mining and carbon taxes. These are huge concerns, what the election spins around. Abbott will defend big businesses worried about loss of profit. He's a conservative leader and Australians, by and large, are conservative people. Should we forget the larrikin thing, forget the adventurer/pioneering spirit thing, forget the ANZAC mateship stuff? Are many Aussies single-minded, stressed-out, competitive workaholics with no sense of humour? Are we intolerant, obsessed with money, not that interested in looking after the environment, tokenistic in our concern for refugees, happy to king hit an outsider?

History has also shown that Australians get sick of their governments after many years and crave change. So, many will feel it's time for The Coalition.

I notice Tony's been jogging through Sydney of late - a nod to John Howard's walks at Kirribilli. Tony, like John Howard, is a man of action, a man who gets things done. Get it? Can you see the connection?

And after Tony's win, I'll shuffle through the resulting darkness, covering my ears from Murdoch's echoing laughter, holding up a torch with a dull flame.

LJ, August 10 2013.

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