Sunday, September 21, 2014


Yesterday morning, in Sutton Forest, I was stopped by a bloke in tweed and his seven or eight focused, excited pointers, as they galloped across Golden Vale Road. By the side of the asphalt, in low brush, was a bloke in a red jacket. In adjacent fields, two black-coated people were on majestic, muscled horses. My word, a good old-fashioned fox hunt, old boy. Jolly good show! 'I hope the fox will be alright', I said to the bloke in red as I brought my car to a standstill. I probably should've bunged on 'squire' at the end of the sentence. He replied, 'Oh, it'll be fine' with a grin. Where was I? Buckinghamshire in the 1800s? I'm no fan of fox hunts. Was that legal? LJ, September 22 2014.

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