Thursday, October 23, 2008


Michael Moore is a hero. He's a defender of the truth and a leader with a moral conscience whom we need to keep the ruthless and greedy in check.

I watched Sicko the other day (following a few trips to a doctor and a specialist, where all consultations were free!). It was a stark, essential insight into America's atrocious health care system, where the wealthy win and the poor loose big time. Some of the film looked at how damn expensive pharmaceuticals, medical appointments and medical procedures in public hospitals are. The overall message was: in the States, when it comes to medical care, it's profit before people; big companies make a fortune from not giving people adequate medical attention or refusing help altogether.

According to Michael Moore's website, there were 50 million Americans without health care n 2006; I'm guessing the majority couldn't afford it. On his site he has written up a 'Prescription for Change' where three things are suggested as remedies for the US health care debacle. He believes 'every resident of the U.S. must have free, universal health care for life', 'all health care insurance companies must be abolished' and 'pharmaceutical companies must be strictly regulated like a public utility'. This sounds so sensible.

On another note, I once showed Bowling for Columbine to a group of Yr. 11 students at Oakhill College, in Sydney's north-west, where I taught English (and, on and off, History, Drama, General Studies and R.E.) for 9 years. At the end of the film, this mob of boys and girls (some of whom were a bit ratty, god bless them) sat completely still and speechless for minutes; they didn't run out the door, on the bell, as usual. So, the world needs Michael Moore (even with his daggy clothes and Kodiak bear-on-Valium shuffle).

LJ, October 24 2008.

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