Saturday, November 1, 2008


My fingers are crossed for a Barack Obama/Democrats victory on Tuesday. America and the world needs a commander-in-chief who is young, dynamic, thoughtful, moderate and chilled-out (without being comatose) when under fire. I love the fact that Barack is half Kensan and half Kenyan, and he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii; this polychromatic background seems emblematic of America and the wider world.

I'm behind Barack because he is:
a. wanting U.S. servicemen and women out of Iraq
b. for diplomacy when it comes to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran (rather than treating them as outright enemies and worthy of American aggro)
c. pursuing a fairer health care system
d. after some restrictions on gun ownership
e. cautious of endorsing the death penalty.

At present, according to graphs and figures at The New York Times' website, Barack is ahead of John McCain. A survey by The Gallup Poll (that received responses from about 2,800 people) shows Barack with 52% of the vote, whilst McCain is polling at 41%. It'll be interesting to see how residents of Florida, Missouri (Bush country), Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina vote: it could go either away in those states. Nevada (Bush country), New Mexico, Colorado (Bush country) and Iowa, have a swing towards Obama; hopefully, these swings will not change on Tuesday. I just hope Americans get up off the couch and get down to their polling stations. They should be forced to vote, as Australians are.

I doubt Dick Cheney endorsing McCain is going to be much of a threat to Obama... Michael Moore is cautious as to whom will win... According to The LA Times, Iraqis are split in who they want - either way, they feel America will still dominate them.

And where is Dubya at the moment? Probably shooting varmints on a big ranch somewhere! The other day someone asked for his opinion on General Motors. His response was something along the lines of, "I think he's doing a great job in Iraq."

LJ, November 1 2008

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