Sunday, June 2, 2013


Last Saturday arvo, I was MC for a great bash at Gallery Ecosse, Exeter NSW, celebrating the life and legacy of the late, great Adam Cullen. On the panel were comedian Mikey Robins, print-making guru Michael Kempson and close mate, Andre de Borde, curator and owner of Ecosse. Adam's father, Kevin, also got up and shared humorous and poignant moments from his son's life.

Before and after the gig, I had a chat with Mikey Robins about British music (nice to see he's a Clash fan), his Triple J days, how it is to be a celeb, book ideas, the state of Australian comedy (South Australia's where it's at, apparently), Good News Week and Paul McDermott. He was a thoughtful, cheery, often humble chap, not desperate to be funnier than everyone else in the room.

LJ, June 3 2013.

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