Sunday, May 11, 2008


Moby's new single 'Alice' is spectacular - the best thing I've heard from him in a long while. It's sort of Cypress Hill meets The Gorillaz in The Caribbean. I turn it up very loudly when cruising about alone in my station wagon with the baby seat in the back - very cool, huh?! I interviewed Moby back in 1999 for an Aussie lifestyle magazine called Vegan Voice - he was a lovely bloke. The editors who ran the mag and supported my interview idea lived in a solar-powered shack ten hours north of Sydney in the middle of gorgeous subtropical rainforest at the base of a vast tableland near Nimbin (NSW's hippie/druggy HQ). Satin bowerbirds would eat fruit on their kitchen sink and pythons lived in their roof! It was Edenesque. LJ, May 2008.

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