Thursday, May 15, 2008


Over the years I've had a few things published... when I was at the Australian Catholic University in Strathfield back in the day I started up the campus' first student paper (Chalkdust) with about five others (including Sydney-based author for young adults, Melina Marchetta)... there were bits for the Cumberland Bird Observers' Club (mob out in north-west Sydney) newsletter in the early 90s... in 1999 my interview with Moby, poems and film reviews were all published in Vegan Voice magazine... I penned gig and CD reviews, as well as interviews, for Sydney music press publications The Drum Media, The Brag and 3D World from about 2000 to 2003... there have been CD reviews for The Big Issue on and off... an interview with Sydney jazzer (and mate) Mark Harris for Spinach7 online a couple of years ago... the odd small thing in The Sydney Morning Herald over the years (then several CD reviews for The List, their entertainment supplement in 2007)... a poem on Sydney city in the Broadway Poetry Prize Anthology 2004... another poem on Western Australia in Eclogues The Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology 2007... check out for two of my latest poems (big ups to Michelle Cahill the ed.)... the latest edition of Dogs Life (in OZ/NZ) has a couple of poems and a bit of stuff on writing poems from me as well... there's an albatross poem at and an article on birding Sydney in the latest edition of Wildlife Australia Magazine (see


LJ, May 16 2008.

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