Thursday, May 8, 2008


There's a lot buzzing and fluttering in my head writing-wise at the moment... I have to find the space and time and mindset that allows the inspired stuff to gush out... There's an essay on silence; poems concerning the Strathfield Massacre of 1991, making the mind stone during times of bad health and the individual's responsibility to the day and its strugglers; a review of Anthony Lawrence's new poetry collection 'Bark'; and eventually, rewritings of a manuscript that did well in The Vogel Literary Award of 2005 so I can push it off to the Kings and Queens of Rejection in their palaces built from slush pile novels... I'm also about to judge a kids' poetry competition for 'Dogs Life' magazine... So, as the Pet Shop Boys once said, 'We were never being boring, we had too much time to find for ourselves.' LJ, May 9 2008

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